Monday, 9 January 2012

The lost art of travel. . .

In a bygone era, travel was an experience in luxury & opulence. No detail overlooked, no indulgence spared. Women dressed in furs, wore gloves & were impeccably 'finished'. Gentlemen wore a jacket & pocket square, donned a hat & displayed chivalry. 

Whether by boat, train or later, air-- travel was an event one looked forward to in this hopelessly romantic era.

Have always believed it is important to be properly dressed, looking your best whilst in public & would love to have lived in a time where this was a priority for all.

And so, has always been a dream of mine to travel on the Orient Express, or take a journey on an opulent cruise ship, such as the Queen Mary II. To wear evening gowns to dinner, or gloves to cocktail hour. To not be out of place with hair done up & a pout of velvety red lipstick.

Dream of gilding & luxurious draping; of custom, matching luggage & waiters in impeccably tailored uniforms; of ornate moldings & chandeliers hanging in grand ballrooms.

In 2012, plan to dress up for the every day; appreciate the journey; always present myself with poise & grace & brush up on etiquette & decorum-- in the hopes to live a little more glamorously, as those from a bygone era. . .

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Fran Ponta said...

Loved this post Joey. Reminded me of when I used to wear gloves and catch the train to work in Melbourne. Seems like a hundred years ago.

Unknown said...

Oh, how perfectly romantic! Gloves just make an outfit. . . I can't believe I'm saying this, but if only Geraldton got a little colder in winter! I hope you're having a WONDERFUL time being an artist-- am so so happy for you! xx