The long time dream of optimist & romantic, Joey bailey. Amour-love is a refined place of luxury & indulgence—a lifestyle of opulence.

Joey bailey, Creative Director

"Inspired by film noir, F. Scott Fitzgerald novels & the thought of a summer spent in Paris . . . This high tea connoisseur enjoys photography & designing & making her own clothes.

Joey has been buying fashion, wedding & interior design magazines since a wonderfully young age & would spend hours browsing through their glossy pages making ‘inspirational’ scrapbooks.

Never spotted without high heels, a sketchpad, a pop of pink lipstick & a strong coffee-- Joey adores great love stories, chandeliers, crème brûlée, the French countryside & sequins & sparkles & her long time sweetheart-- the love of her life whose kisses still give her butterflies . . ." 

Contact: amour-love@live.com.au