Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Romantic gestures

St. Valentine's day calls for BIG gestures of love. . . Not necessarily an expensive gift-- but an act of romance, to show the one you love & adore just how much you do love & adore them... With a few days left before this terribly romantic day, why not plan a hopelessly romantic 'event' for someone special in your life. . . 

.: I d e a s :.
A room filled with pink & red balloons with a 'love note' attached to each
A candlelit bathroom, with a bathtub filled with bath elixir & rose petals
Pack a picnic lunch filled with their favourite foods & wrap each with a 'love note'
Litter your house or room with 'love notes' telling them just what you love about them
A romantic breakfast in bed-- heart shaped pancakes & fresh berries & of course freshly brewed coffee

* Image from here. . .

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