Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Where would we be without serving trays? -- used day after day for delivering cocktails to guests at evening soirees & Sunday morning breakfasts in bed & carrying pots of tea & cups & biscuits for an afternoon tea -- but they need not be boring or plain, especially with a darling DIY such as this one, found at Lovely Indeed . . . 

This DIY began with a wooden wine box with the ends shaped into handles -- but with so many plain & affordable trays available, would be much simpler to start with that. . .

1.  Cover the base with white contact & trim the edges with a craft knife

2. Use gold metallic tape  (this one was suggested in the DIY) & begin applying to the board at random angles, but always with equal space between each strip.

3. Again, trim edges as needed with a craft knife & the tray is complete!

The task is so simple & the result is positively stunning! -- A beyond perfect project for the Easter long weekend. . .

* Tutorial & all images from Lovely Indeed

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