Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Calling Card

In an age of emails & mobile phones & contact lists & text messages it is so easy to forget an era gone by where friends called on one another for tea, wrote long & languid correspondence & the mail box was always full of exciting & enthralling news. . .  Having already purchased many stationery sets over the years, & being an avid letter-writer of the snail-mail kind, I realised one such etiquette I had not covered was the calling card. & so today, I have been venturing through the internets in search of the perfect card to impart to new acquaintances, leave at the front doors of friends visited who are not in & in general, be a much lovelier, & far more glamorous mode of divulging ones contact information. . . 

Below are a few early favourites :

one | two | three | four

Images one & two


Fran Ponta said...

My fave is number 1, it's the one that looks the least like a business card and is very chic and feminine. Chels gave me a French Navy stationery set for Christmas this year...I love it!
Fran. X

Joey Bailey said...

I just adore French Navy! & beautiful stationery makes letter writing all the more fun :) It will definitely be a tricky decision deciding which set to order. . . (perhaps all of them!)

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