Sunday, 4 December 2011

Christmas Gift Idea's

Christmas Gift Idea's 

The time of the year when we must buy special gifts for our loved ones & as years go by, can be quite difficult to think of new gifts to give that show just how much you care. . . So have come up with some darling gifts suitable for all budgets & in will bring joy year after year. . .

1. A picnic hamper already filled with macarons & champagne; a picnic blanket & some delicious cheeses & sourdough bread & fruit; some insect repellant & some tickets to an outdoor theater show-- ready to use, with everything you will need for a beautiful night under the stars.

2. A subscription to glossy box-- each month a beautifully wrapped box of beauty products will arrive at their doorstep. . .  Truly the gift that keeps on giving.

3. A subscription to their favourite magazine-- another gift that gives month after month. Imagine their excitement when checking their letter box to find a lovely new glossy just waiting to be read!

4. A cashmere throw will be a staple for the rest of their life-- perfect for an aeroplane trip or as a shawl on a cool spring night-- purchase in a neutral colour to ensure it will match any outfit.
5. Personalised stationery-- with the art of letter writing slowly becoming obselete, why not give a beautiful set note cards & envelopes, with a beautiful pen to encourage an afternoon spent writing to faraway friends.

6. A delectable box of truffles will never be received without a smile-- bu why not bake your own batch of sweet little delights & gift them in a beautiful box & bound up with a festive bow. A home made gift is always appreciated.

7. A french coffee press will excite the senses as your loved one prepares each cup of coffee. While waiting for the coffee to steep, their house will be filled with the intoxicating scent of  freshly brewing coffee.

8. Delicate crystal Christmas ornaments will bring joy to your loved one year after year as they decorate their tree. Why not add a new ornament to their collection each year?

9. A beautiful tea cup & tin of tea-- each day as they brew a fresh cup of tea, you will not be far from their mind. . .

10. Receiving a beautiful plant is as lovely getting flowers-- especially given it will bring them joy for a long time after a bunch of flowers has died. . .

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