Saturday, 17 March 2012

Crown of Blossoms: A tutorial

As a child, a favourite way to spend an afternoon would be making flower crowns from our garden or flowers I found by the river near our house. . . Have noticed in countless stores artificial blossom crowns, which are very beautiful-- but they don't quite carry the same appeal as a 'real' one. . . & so, have gone on to make my very own, with instructions below:

 1. Purchase a selection of flowers-- any will be perfect & they do not have to match-- I have used roses, chrysanthemums & baby's breath among others. . .

 2. Trim flower stems to around 5cm long & separate into groups by type of flower

 3. Begin by gently piercing a needle through the stem of your first flower-- gently move back & forward to create a split half a centimeter long-- being careful not to split open the hole

4. Gently slide the stem of the next flower through this split & position the blossoms closely together

5. Using some clear crafting wire or thin fishing wire, gently tie the 2 stems together to secure in place


6. Cut the ends of the crafting wire as close to the knot as possible

 7. Continue steps 3 through to 6 with the remaining flowers, alternating the types of flowers

8. As your flower chain gets longer, measure around your head to ensure you do not add too many flowers. Once the chain reaches the right length use crafting wire to secure the first flower to the last. . .


Images from {this is glamorous} // here // here // here {all edited by Amour-Love} + all tutorial images by Amour-Love

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